Komatsu CARE / Contract Agreements / Warranties

Komatsu CARE

Komatsu CARE features our exclusive Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance program: Eligible Komatsu Tier 4 construction machine comes standard with factory scheduled maintenance for the first 3 years/2,000 hours. Complimentary Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter exchange and SCR maintenance service for the first 5 years/ 9000 hours are also included under Komatsu CARE.

Extended CARE

Once you have experienced the hassle free Komatsu CARE period Wilson Equipment is more than happy to continue with your machines Preventative Maintenance servicing. Extended CARE is a seamless transition right into a Preventative Maintenance Contract. The contract can be tailored to fit your needs and service intervals of choice.

Contract Agreements

Wilson Equipment would love to help your business succeed with dependable, predictable, hassle free peace of mind. Wilson Equipment will work with you to put together a service contract unique to your machine and needs. Once under contract you pay by the hour and therefore only when the machine is working!


All equipment that Wilson Equipment sells comes with a basic warranty. However if your company desires more we would be happy to offer you several options so you can protect your machine (and your pocket book) with a solution that works for you.